Chisholm Institute demonstrates commitment to OHS by supporting OHS Body of Knowledge

The Safety Institute of Australia and the Australian OHS Education Accreditation Board today formally announce Chisholm Institute as a license holder for the OHS Body of Knowledge.

In becoming a license holder for the OHS Body of Knowledge, Chisholm Institute demonstrate their commitment to providing a safe work and study environment for their staff and students and to the delivery of quality OHS training. As a license holder Chisolm also contribute to the ongoing development of the OHS Body of Knowledge and ensure that their teaching is informed by current OHS knowledge and thinking.

The OHS Body of Knowledge for Generalist OHS Professionals sets the knowledge benchmark for OHS professional education, certification of OHS professionals and provides a framework for practicing professionals to plan their continuing professional development.

While freely available to individuals, training providers and companies may take out a license for the OHS Body of Knowledge. As a license holder Chisholm can provide direct access for their students and staff to the OHS Body of Knowledge via their internal Learning Management System. Chisholm staff are also kept informed of new developments and may participate in the consultation process around new chapters.

Pam Pryor, Registrar of the Australian OHS Education Accreditation Board said today that the benefits to license holders are two-fold: the license holder benefits by direct access to the OHS Body of Knowledge and by being recognized in connection with current and leading-edge thinking in OHS; and the license fee supports future development of the OHS Body of Knowledge.

The OHS Body of Knowledge is available at
See for information on licenses.

This media release is also available as a PDF document.


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