Category: Current Projects

Paving the way for the 3rd Edition- The OHS Professional as an Influencer

Exciting news from the OHS BoK as we continue to pave the way for the 3rd Edition with the development of another groundbreaking chapter: “The OHS Professional as an Influencer”. This chapter promises to shed light on the pivotal role of OHS professionals in influencing safety practices and behaviours, and outcomes across industries. True to […]

Exciting development for the 3rd Edition-Contractor Management

We are thrilled to announce an exciting development for the 3rd Edition of the OHS BoK: the introduction of a brand-new chapter on Contractor Management. This addition marks the first new chapter of the forthcoming edition, signifying a significant step forward in our continuous effort to enhance and expand the OHS BoK. Embracing a global […]

Stepping into 2024 – Milestone

This year, we As we step into 2024, it brings us to a significant milestone for the OHS BoK. This year, we review many of the OHS BoK chapters, a foundational step toward the launch of the 3rd Edition. Our commitment to ensuring the OHS BoK remains a cutting-edge, authoritative resource for professionals in the […]

January 2022

Completion of 12.1 Systems and systems thinking has been delayed and it is anticipated that the chapter will be ready for publication early 2022. Work continues on 12.6 Investigations which is funded by an Enforceable Undertaking and is authored by Geoff Dell and his team (ex of CQU Accident Forensics programs). A new chapter on […]

August 2021: Three projects nearing completion

As at August 2021 we have three projects nearing completion 16 Work-related Musculoskeletal disorders (anticipated publication September) 12.2 OHS management system (anticipated publication October) 12.1 Systems and systems thinking (anticipated publication November). We have two projects being funded by Enforceable Undertakings approved by WorkSafe Victoria: 12.6 Investigations, and 18.2 Fibres, dusts and fumes. Other active […]

Rules and Procedures

Documentation and excessive rules are seen to create an illusion of safety while possibly increasing risk and confusion. However, rules and procedures are important risk control strategies especially in high risk environments. The role of rules and procedures has been the subject of recent research and a topic of discussion among OHS professionals. This all […]

July, 2020

The OHS BoK continues our program of review and updating of existing chapters with six chapters under active review: 7 The Human as a biological system, 18 Biological hazards, 19 Psychosocial hazards, 21 Bullying, aggression and violence, 24 Ionising radiation and 28 Mechanical plant. In association with HFESA we are also revising 16 Biomechanical hazards […]

September 2020

This is an exciting time for the OHS Body of Knowledge as we embark on a tranche of new chapters. The OHS Body of Knowledge has three global concepts: work, health and safety. Sidney Dekker wrote a new chapter on Safety as a Global Concept last year. Our views on Health as a concept have […]