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Each chapter is downloaded separately. However users are advised to read the Introduction, which provides background to the information in individual chapters. They should also note the copyright requirements and the disclaimer before using or acting on the information.

NumberTitleFirst year of publicationCurrent Version
Preliminaries 2017 Contents20122017
Preliminaries 2017 Synopsis20122017
3The generalist OHS professional2012
Global concepts
4Global Work2012
5Global Safety2012
6Global Health2012
Technical concepts
7Foundation science2012
Socio-political context
8Sociopolitical - OHS law in Australia2012
8.2Principles of OHS Law2014
9Sociopolitical - Industrial2012
The organisation
10The Organisation2012
10.2Organisational Culture2014
11.3Managing Process Safety
12Human as a biological system2012
13Human - Psychology principles2012
14Human - Principles of social interaction2012
Hazards and their mechanisms of action and related controls
15Hazard as a concept2012
16Hazard Biomechanical2012
17Hazard Chemical2012
17.3Process hazards - Chemical 2017
18Hazard Biological2012
19Psychosocial Hazard Stress2012
20Psychosocial Hazard Fatigue2012
21Physical Hazard Bullying2012
22Physical Hazard Noise2012
23Physical Hazard Electricity2012
24Physical Hazard Ionising radiation2012
25Physical Hazard Non ionising radiation2012
26Physical Hazard Thermal environment2012
27Physical Hazard Gravitational2012
28Physical Hazard Plant2012
29Physical Hazard Mobile plant2012
30Physical Hazard Vehicles and occupational road use2012
31.2OHS Risk and decision-making2015
32Models of causation - Safety2012
33Models of causation - Health determinants2012
34Control - Prevention and intervention2012
34.1User centric safe design approach to control2014
35Control - Mitigation - Emergency preparedness2012
36Control - Mitigation - Health impacts20122018
37Introduction to Practice as a concept2012
38Practice - Model of practice2012
39Practice - Critical consumer of research2012