Event Category: Current Projects

BoK Review of Chapters

In July this year we announced a major review of the current OHS BoK chapters. With the wonderful support of the authors we have now reviewed and updated more than 50% of the OHS BoK chapters and added two new chapters for a total of 23 updated or new chapters. You can find the chapters […]

BoK Chapter Development: Rules and Procedures

Documentation and excessive rules are seen to create an illusion of safety while possibly increasing risk and confusion. However, rules and procedures are important risk control strategies especially in high risk environments. The role of rules and procedures has been the subject of recent research and a topic of discussion among OHS professionals. This all […]

New Chapter Development: Professional Practice and Ethics

Ethical issues are not a ‘one-off’ occurrence in the practice of OHS professionals but are integral to our role and practice. We may be dealing with ethical issues every day without realising it. This chapter focuses on the OHS professional as an ‘ethical professional’, it takes the position that OHS professionals have an inbuilt desire […]