Organisational Support

OHS BoK Organisational Support

Organisations including companies, regulators, universities and others may choose to support development of a specific chapter of the OHS Body of Knowledge. Such organisations benefit by being linked with the development of leading-edge thinking in OHS. This not only enhances company reputation but stimulates engagement in OHS internally with a positive impact on OHS within the organisation.

Funding organisations may be involved in a number of ways including:

  • Having a representative on the Topic Specific Technical Panel
  • Priority participation in any workshops/focus groups
  • Company name and logo included in the published version of the chapter and any presentation on the chapter topic
  • Foreword by the company Chief Executive Officer included in the published version of the chapter
  • Access to any webinars conducted as part the dissemination of the chapter
  • A presentation on the chapter content and implications for practice for the company executive.

Provision of funding does not mean that the chapter is written to the requirements or context of the funding body, nor does it give the funding body any right to ‘approve’ the chapter content or make a claim to copyright.

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