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The process of developing and structuring the main content of the first edition of OHS Body of Knowledge was managed by a Technical Panel with representation from Victorian universities teaching OHS and from the Australian Institute of Health & Safety, which is the main professional body for generalist OHS professionals in Australia.

The Panel developed an initial conceptual framework which was then amended in accord with feedback received from OHS tertiary-level educators throughout Australia and the wider OHS profession. Specialist authors were invited to contribute chapters, which were then subjected to peer review and editing.

The development of later chapters has taken a more inclusive approach with the chapter structure often being determined by a topic-specific technical panel, the chapter itself frequently being the result of collaborative writing and the implications for practice being identified through workshops and focus groups.

In 2013-14 Safe Work Australia supported the development of four new chapters: Principles of OHS law, Organisational culture, Risk and decision making, and User centred safe design. Two further chapters resulted from a joint project with the Safety Centre for the Institution of Chemical Engineers: Process hazards (chemical) and Managing process safety.

New chapter topics are continually being identified together with review of existing chapters and developed as resources allow.

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  • Brian Marshall July 3, 2014 @ 2:35 pm

    Fantastic info guys, this will be of assistance while studying Graduate Diploma OHS at RMIT. I always demand to know the source of information being taught. Well done

  • Jason Brunell April 21, 2019 @ 3:04 pm

    I have just come across this when doing some research for how OSH is working globally. I’m a Brit and have spent last couple of years working in Kenya on a British Army new build contract. I have been looking at how the Kenyan OHS system works here and how the many safety service providers / trainers / consultants apply their profession.
    Just like to say thank you for producing this, it’s a great reminder of how complex our profession is and the need for a broad in-depth knowledge which has many parts, let alone the communication skills required to appropriately transfer this information into the workplace so it can be applied.
    I would like to get more involved with your work can you advise please?

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