Chapter 3: The Generalist OHS Professional: International and Australian Perspectives

Chapter 3 The Generalist OHS Professional: International and Australian Perspectives

This chapter provides context for the OHS Body of Knowledge by examining the status of occupational health and safety (OHS) as a profession. Firstly, it evaluates the status of the profession from international and Australian perspectives. Integral to this analysis is a special issue of the journal Safety Science that focused on the evolution and status of the OHS professional. Secondly, the chapter presents results of recent Australian research, including an exploration of the professional identity of OHS professionals and a mixedmethods study that investigated the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the experiences of OHS professionals and the status of the profession. Finally, the chapter offers practical suggestions for improving the organisational experiences of generalist OHS professionals.

Keywords: organisation, organisational maturity, leadership, management, culture, strategy, OHS performance measurement
First year of publication: 2012
Current Version: 2021

Chapter 3: The Generalist OHS Professional: International and Australian Perspectives

Table of contents

1 Introduction
2 International context
2.1 Strategic OHS development projects
2.2 Status of the OHS profession
3 Australian context
3.1 Strategic OHS development projects
3.2 Status of the OHS profession
4 Professional identity of OHS professionals
5 The COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity for OHS professionals
5.1 Experiences of OHS professionals during COVID-19
5.2 Improving the organisational experiences of OHS professionals
6 Future view for the OHS profession
7 Summary
Safety Science special issue papers on the evolution of the role and status of the OHS professional
In-chapter citations

Pam Pryor AO, BSc, BEd, GDipOHM, MAppSci, ChOHSP, FAIHS
Manager, OHS Body of Knowledge Development, Australian Institute of Health & Safety

With a background in OHS consulting and OHS education, Pam now specialises in OHS capability
and related aspects of OHS professionality. Pam was a key player in the development of the INSHPO
OHS Professional Capability Framework and received the 2017-18 President’s Award from the
American Society of Safety Professionals for this work. Pam received an Officer of the Order of
Australia in 2018 for her contribution to OHS through leadership and advisory roles, particularly in
developing standards for education frameworks.

David Provan BBehSci, MHlthSci, MBA, PhD, ChOHSP, FAIHS
Managing Director, Forge Works; Researcher, Griffith University

David is a safety professional with more than 20 years’ experience as a director of health and safety
within high-hazard industries, including oil and gas, construction and rail. He is the founder and
managing director of Forge Works safety consultancy and a part-time research fellow at the Safety
Science Innovation Lab at Griffith University. David’s doctorate focuses on the identity, practice and
future of the OHS profession.

Tristan Casey BPsySc, GradDipOHS, DPsych(Org), PhD
Lecturer, Safety Science Innovation Lab; Founder and Managing Director, LEAD for Safety

Tristan’s work focuses on safety leadership and organisational culture. With a career in workplace
health and safety spanning 12 years, he has consulted nationally and internationally across a diverse
range of industries. Tristan’s passion is translating abstract/theoretical concepts into practical tools
that have measurable impact.

Xiaowen Hu BSc, MSc, PhD
Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management

In her research, Xiaowen aims to bring diverse theoretical perspectives to solve complex real-world
issues. Particularly, she’s interested in how organisational leaders balance competing priorities to
build long-lasting organisational effectiveness. Xaiowen has consulted with a wide range of
organisations in the public and private sector, including mining, oil and gas, construction,
manufacturing, hospitality and law enforcement.

Learning Outcomes: The generalist OHS professional in Australia, 2012

No learning outcomes have been developed for the chapters considered introductory or underpinning knowledge (that is chapters 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 14, 15.)


AIHS Webinar: OHS Certification Program
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Safety At Work Podcast: Ep 70:Is OHS management a profession?
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Safety At Work Podcast: Ep 51: How do experts manage fuzzy role boundaries?
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Safety At Work Podcast: Ep 30: What do safety professionals believe about themselves?
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