April 2020

The last few months have been a busy time for the OHS Body of Knowledge.

Back in mid-2019 we started a strategic review of all of the OHS Body of Knowledge chapters. By early April 2020 we had published updated versions of 21 chapters. Each of these chapters having been reviewed by the author and updated to the new format.

In this time we have also published seven new chapters:

  • 5 Safety as a global concept
  • 2.2 Organisational culture: Reviewed and Repositioned
  • 3.1 Rules and Procedures
  • 2 Vibration (which was originally combined with Noise)
  • 2 Arc Flash (as an appendix to Electricity)
  • 3 Health and safety in design
  • 3 Ethics and professional practice.

See https://www.ohsbok.org.au/bok-chapters/ for links to new and updated chapters.

We have also been busy on LinkedIn with posts on individual chapters generating much interest.


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