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Paving the way for the 3rd Edition- The OHS Professional as an Influencer

Exciting news from the OHS BoK as we continue to pave the way for the 3rd Edition with the development of another groundbreaking chapter: “The OHS Professional as an Influencer”. This chapter promises to shed light on the pivotal role of OHS professionals in influencing safety practices and behaviours, and outcomes across industries. True to […]

Exciting development for the 3rd Edition-Contractor Management

We are thrilled to announce an exciting development for the 3rd Edition of the OHS BoK: the introduction of a brand-new chapter on Contractor Management. This addition marks the first new chapter of the forthcoming edition, signifying a significant step forward in our continuous effort to enhance and expand the OHS BoK. Embracing a global […]

Stepping into 2024 – Milestone

This year, we As we step into 2024, it brings us to a significant milestone for the OHS BoK. This year, we review many of the OHS BoK chapters, a foundational step toward the launch of the 3rd Edition. Our commitment to ensuring the OHS BoK remains a cutting-edge, authoritative resource for professionals in the […]

Expanding the Global Reach of the OHS Body of Knowledge

Happy New Year! As we embrace the new opportunities 2024 brings, I am excited to announce an important phase for the OHS Body of Knowledge. This year, we are reviewing our chapters and seeking ways to make our resources more globally relevant. I’ll discuss the review process with our esteemed authors in the coming week. […]

Two new chapters completed

Two new chapters have been completed in the last 3 months. 12.2 OHS management systems This chapter, written by Nektarios Karanikas of Queensland University of Technology, proposes a definition of OHSMS, briefly considers the historical and legislative contexts, and presents a hierarchal and inter-related structure for OHSMS elements. It also reviews the literature to comment […]

August 2021

The last 12 months have been busy for the OHS Body of Knowledge. Since October last year we have published three new chapters and updated a five chapters with a further eight active projects.   The new chapters are:   3 The Generalist OHS Professional: International and Australian perspectives  Authored by Pam Pryor, David Proven, […]

September 2020

As reported in recent months we have been working on reviewing and updating existing chapters as well as completing new chapters in the pipeline. This month we have released an updated version of 28 Mechanical Plant. Roger Lim and Tony Payne have combined their expertise to ensure this chapter addresses current challenges in plant safety […]

Recent News: July 2020

Our last News update was in April. At that time we could not have envisaged how our world would change over the next few months. As I write, Victoria, where the AIHS office is situated, returns to Stage 3 isolation and school students go back to home-based learning. During this time OHS professionals have had […]

April 2020

The last few months have been a busy time for the OHS Body of Knowledge. Back in mid-2019 we started a strategic review of all of the OHS Body of Knowledge chapters. By early April 2020 we had published updated versions of 21 chapters. Each of these chapters having been reviewed by the author and […]

3M Science of Safety Podcasts

The OHS Body of Knowledge recently joined with the 3M Science of Safety to produce a series of podcasts. Having recently hit the 50 podcast milestone the 3M series has focused on occupational hygiene-related topics such as respiratory protection, indoor air quality, noise, asbestos and exposure standards reflecting 3M’s core business. We are pleased to […]