Stepping into 2024 – Milestone

This year, we As we step into 2024, it brings us to a significant milestone for the OHS BoK. This year, we review many of the OHS BoK chapters, a foundational step toward the launch of the 3rd Edition. Our commitment to ensuring the OHS BoK remains a cutting-edge, authoritative resource for professionals in the field is unwavering.

To achieve this, we recognise the invaluable contributions of our past authors, whose expertise and insights have shaped the OHS BoK into the esteemed resource it is today. In the coming weeks, I will be reaching out personally to invite these distinguished contributors to lend their expertise once again. Together, we will refine and expand the OHS BoK, ensuring it continues to serve as a vital tool in the advancement of occupational health and safety practices.

Stay tuned for updates and opportunities to contribute to this pivotal project. Your expertise and dedication to enhancing workplace safety drive the continuous evolution of the OHS BoK.


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