Paving the way for the 3rd Edition- The OHS Professional as an Influencer

Exciting news from the OHS BoK as we continue to pave the way for the 3rd Edition with the development of another groundbreaking chapter: “The OHS Professional as an Influencer”.

This chapter promises to shed light on the pivotal role of OHS professionals in influencing safety practices and behaviours, and outcomes across industries. True to our commitment to a global perspective, this chapter will harness the collective wisdom of leading experts from Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. Their expertise will guide us in exploring the dynamics of influence, leadership, and change management within the context of occupational health and safety.

As we delve into this vital topic, we look forward to offering OHS professionals everywhere insights and strategies to amplify their impact and drive meaningful change. Stay connected for more updates on this and other developments in the OHS BoK 3rd Edition.


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