Special Update on the ‘Hazard as a Concept’ Chapter

Dear colleagues,

I am delighted to share that the “Hazard as a Concept” chapter, authored by Pam Pryor AO, the esteemed immediate past manager of the OHS BoK, has been recently updated. Choosing to publish this chapter first was a decision deeply rooted in my respect and admiration for Pam’s profound contributions to our field. Her leadership and dedication have been instrumental in shaping the OHS BoK.

This chapter lays the foundation for understanding how we should identify and apply hazard classifications. It is essential reading for both new entrants and seasoned professionals within OHS, providing critical perspectives that are crucial for effective safety management.

I encourage you to explore the updated chapter on our website and reflect on the significant impact of Pam’s work on our practices and standards.

Thank you for joining me in honouring her legacy.

Best regards,



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