Author: BoK Manager

Special Update on the ‘Hazard as a Concept’ Chapter

Dear colleagues, I am delighted to share that the “Hazard as a Concept” chapter, authored by Pam Pryor AO, the esteemed immediate past manager of the OHS BoK, has been recently updated. Choosing to publish this chapter first was a decision deeply rooted in my respect and admiration for Pam’s profound contributions to our field. […]

Paving the way for the 3rd Edition- The OHS Professional as an Influencer

Exciting news from the OHS BoK as we continue to pave the way for the 3rd Edition with the development of another groundbreaking chapter: “The OHS Professional as an Influencer”. This chapter promises to shed light on the pivotal role of OHS professionals in influencing safety practices and behaviours, and outcomes across industries. True to […]

Exciting development for the 3rd Edition-Contractor Management

We are thrilled to announce an exciting development for the 3rd Edition of the OHS BoK: the introduction of a brand-new chapter on Contractor Management. This addition marks the first new chapter of the forthcoming edition, signifying a significant step forward in our continuous effort to enhance and expand the OHS BoK. Embracing a global […]

Stepping into 2024 – Milestone

This year, we As we step into 2024, it brings us to a significant milestone for the OHS BoK. This year, we review many of the OHS BoK chapters, a foundational step toward the launch of the 3rd Edition. Our commitment to ensuring the OHS BoK remains a cutting-edge, authoritative resource for professionals in the […]

Expanding the Global Reach of the OHS Body of Knowledge

Happy New Year! As we embrace the new opportunities 2024 brings, I am excited to announce an important phase for the OHS Body of Knowledge. This year, we are reviewing our chapters and seeking ways to make our resources more globally relevant. I’ll discuss the review process with our esteemed authors in the coming week. […]